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Paper thin
next-gen polymers

With a technology of tunable antennas, FlexGigaHertz can connect almost anything. Our typical antenna is just a piece of thin, flexible and light paperlike composite, no other parts or additional devices – and thats pretty enough to operate at multiple connection standards.

Use cases

Drones –
vibration but also easy assembly within the device

The heart of our technology are composite materials that provide not only resistance to vibration but also easy assembly within the device.

Phone –
work on several bands

Tunable antennas allow you to work on several bands and significantly improve the signal quality.

Wi-Fi –
working in a wide range of frequencies

Our technology allows scanning of space with one antenna. Working in a wide range of frequencies allows the use of this technology not only in the case of local communication networks, but also the construction of complex spatial networks.

Satellite –
work in radio, microwave and sub-terahertz frequencies

Our technology works equally well at work in radio, microwave and sub-terahertz frequencies. Effective tunability up to 500 GHz makes this solution the base of many new satellite communication systems.


Properties of this material allow for abroad applications

in different systems from simple communication antennas, elastic phase shifters to chemical wide band detectors. One of the most important advantages of technology is the ability to selective deposit, e.g. dispersions of metallic nanoparticles without using photolithography on different flexible materials with a homogeneous structure, e.g. polymers, suspensions.
The use of this material will reduce the number of antennas within one device.
The marking requires that our solution, thanks to tunability, will allow for the construction of fixed directional antennas, also with the on / off function. A great advantage over other connections of this type is tuning and relaxation in fractions of a second, which allows for effective reconfiguration of the signal in a wide range of frequencies.

Our Team

We create a new communication system that allows you to create new solutions and shape the ways people will communicate in the future. We have many years of experience in working with ceramic and composite materials.

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